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Monday, May 12, 2008

Its been a long time

Sorry I have not kept this up but its been kinda hectic around here. Those of you that know me, know whats going on, those of you that don't, well, know this, above anything else I respect peoples privacy and expect mine to ne regarded the same.
Mick and Rick..thanks for the email support..its been invaluable.
Know for the new story part of this. When I was younger I went through a kinda wild stage..alochol and drugs fuelled a lot of it. A lot more was loneliness. I spent a lot of time in NYC with a few friends doing what would be called now a circuit. I went to all the right parties on Fire island and the Hamptons and in the City..flew to San Francisco every few weeks. It was a life that I fell into, that I took for granted. I mean hey, does not every high school kid skip school and get the train to Manhattan and cruise The Mine Shaft, The Spike, The Anvil, and hey lets not forget the piers after the bars closed at around 6 am after a couple cups of coffee at The Silver Dollar of Tiffanies. That was in high school mind you. After a 7year break I moved to Chelsea, back then it was SoHo. I did my share of screwing around and thankfully I only got the crabs a couple times and the clap once. Now most, actually all of my friends from those days are gone..some from natural causes, one from a gun shot from a jealous boyfriend but saddly most from Aids. Now, although, I was certainly wild sexually, a lot more, probably 80 percent of my time was spent dancing. 12 West was my palace of choice but the Cockring certainly had my share of sweat on that dancefloor. The Tea Dance at the Boatslip was the same and the Monster on Fire Island had my dna dripped onto that floor many a night or afternoon as I got lost in the music. I almost always danced alone with my eyes closed..don't know why just did.
Thanks to YouTube I have found some of the music I lost then. The only one I posted this time out was an absolute favorite from that part of my life. It haunted me then and it still does now. I hope you get 1/10 of the pleasure from this song as I do.
As Mick would say.....I'm out.