Maine Weather


Thursday, January 25, 2007

This was taken just before Christmas 2006 where I work...the sky in Maine is always beautiful, sometimes scary and at times like this it can just fill you with wonder.

Rants, Raves, Rambles and the Occasional recipe

Hey Folks
My name is Dale, I live in central Maine and pretty much have a point of view and opinion on everything...however these are not carved in stone and can be changed if you can convinve me I am wrong and/or misinformed. Included here will be lot of information, the occasion picture and lots of "stuff". Feel free to comment on what you read or see of just think about something I have stated. A few friends have told me that I must have a huge ego to want to post my thoughts on the web for the world to see, and maybe they are right. Anyhow....welcome to my world. Pick and choose anything you like or dislike....hey the web is still free as long as you pay your 34.95 a month.
Later on folks..I am off to the IRS to get my tax return done.