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Friday, January 2, 2009

Now for the cooking portion of our show

A few simple rules to make things easier in the kitchen. Simplify...its that easy. When your getting ready to make something, get all the ingredients together first including any utensils you may need. Its most annoying to be half way through making a dish and finding out your out of an ingredient. Also if your baking, and you have to stop and find some weird spice you have not used in a while it will affect quality. Breads, cake and cookies {at least most of them} have yeast or another compound to make them rise..if you wait to long to finish the dough it will affect that. If your going to use a cake mix, and most people do these days, substitute 1/4 of the liquid for makes a much moister cake. This is for you Toto, if your going to make butter cream frosting and thin it with cream you need to refrigerate the cake. Its also a great idea to buy a timer with 3 or 4 different timers you can use at the same time. I found one at Willaims Sonoma store a few years ago that has four separate times with different sounds...if your going to cook several things at once it can be a lifesaver. NOW THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, NEVER MAKE A NEW DISH FOR COMPANY WITHOUT HAVING MADE IT FIRST FOR YOURSELF...JUST BECAUSE THE RECIPE LOOKED GOOD ON PAPER DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL WORK ON YOUR PALATE.
Happy Cooking