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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Throwing a fit

For those of you who are not familiar with that expression, its pretty much having a tantrum. For the last few months I have been fighting with my pc monitor, so, figured it was time to buy a new one. I decided, after much online research to go with an Acer 22 inch flat panel. 3 year parts and labor warranty included, 2500 to 1ratio gives a great pic for both email/pics and watching movies. Now in this area the best place to but it was a big box store. It was going to be about 279 dollars and since I already had 210 in gift cards and birthday cash it was actually going to cost me very little. I get tio the store and there are only 4 cars in the parking lot figured it would be a quick transaction whick was good cause I wanted to see the new Hulk movie in about 40 minutes time. In the store I see there are 4 or 5 people visible but no employees around..bright red shirts are the uniform so very visible. I go to the pc department and find they now have all the monitors locked up. Again no red shirts visible so I go to the service desk and no one there. Okay, I have been known to lose my temper about stupid shit before, I will admit that, but cmon..Friday night..7 pm, where the hell are the people that work here? Digging out my handy little cell phone I call the store and ask the woman where all the employees are she says, "well I suppose they are busy doing thier jobs" to which I reply, "Well if you were standing in front of the service desk and trying to find one you certainly would not think that". Well, this woman pops out from behind a wall followed by 6 people in red shirts. I ask for someone to get a key to unlock a case because I know what I want..okay about 10 minutes later no one shows up so I go back to the service desk and ask why not. "We cant find a key to unlock the case so you will have to come back tomorrow". Now I am getting a little hot under the collar so I suggest she call a manager and get him down here witha key or I wanta name of all the employees in the store because I am going to email the parent company/district manager and tell them whats going on. She says hold on and goes back behind her wall. "I just called a manager who is on duty but out having supper at Red Robin and he will be here in about 20 minutes", nope not good enough. I start to raise my voice about store quality and customer service and pull out my camera phone and tell her I just recorded the conversation and tell her if no one is there in 5 minutes I am going to download the clip and send it to her DM. Back behind her little wall and low and behold this mystery manager appears and has a key.
This little saga is not over yet. I get my monitor and go back to this waoman to pay for it, and now it rings up at 199 bucks..well thats not right my red shirt says so she calls the manager back out from behind that wall. He goes and gets another one and it rings up at the 279 price.
He says that the first one must be mispriced from an old sale and sets the first one behind the counter. Now my shirt collar is getting realll tight and my face is getting red. "Look you make me wait here for an hour, have your epmloyee lie to me about you location and now your not giving me an item that your scanner is reading at a sale price? If youy don't want this crap to go to your boss perhaps you had better rethink your position".
WEll, to end this on a happy note, I got the monitor for 199 bucks, a voucher for 25 bucks my next purchase and he threw in a 20 dollar gift card to "cover your gas money and time".
Those of you that know mw know that I am usually pretty laid back and not one to make scenes but hey..I missed the first showing of the movie and I hate being lied to. Tell me, the boss is out getting laid or smoking a joint in the back lot or off playing a video game or you just don't have clue where he actually is and you will page him but just be honest.
Anyways, the monitor works great, I used my perks to but the Indiana Jones trilogy for my collection and The Incredible Hulk was worth waiting for the second show. I guess that qualifies as a rant and a ramble.