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Thursday, October 4, 2007

King Stephen

Evening folks.
Back in the early 80's Stephen King wrote a novella called "The Mist". It was one of his favorite themes. SOMETHING goes bad and the people all get together and fight for the good of the group. It is a very successful ploy and it has kept me a "constant reader" from the beginning. I have, to my knowledge, read all of his books except the Tower series..tried and tried again just can't get into them. I have however, read The Stand from cover to cover 21 times so I guess that makes me hard core. It is now being made into a movie to be released in November I believe
I travel down Rte 17 from Augusta to Rockland 3 times a week leaving at 5:45 am. It is a nice ride for the most part, however, like a lot of people I automatic drive so I tend to be more aware of my OUTSIDE conditions. I drove into this one morning and it got my feverish little mind all fired up.
To end this on a reality note...hey the movie may suck but you have Thomas Jane for eye can't be all bad.
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