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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Belfast Maine

Evening Folks
These are some random shots from my trip to the coast last weekend. Belfast, inside Fort Knox, the new Verano Island Bridge, and stuff.

Not the one you would expect.

Evening Folks
Most people are used to the Donna Summer "classic" of this song. I finally found this on YouTube. It is from the late 60's. Enjoy.

Take Care Of Yourself And Those And Those You Love


Evening Folks
I took these this morning about 10am before I left for work. It was 41 degress and sunny. The sun and last weeks rain have melted 90 percent of the snow cover, I have crocus blooming and lilies and hosta sprouting. The ground is soft, springy and WET in my yard. Usually feb is the worst month of the year in central Maine and this year it has been just warm and rainy. Kinda creepy actually.
As Mick would say
I'm Out

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jonathan Buck's Curse

Click on this picture to blow it up and read it..then do the same below with the next one. It's kinda creepy.

I am going to get back to more about Maine, it will still be my view of the world and my opinions and thoughts, but more of a travel and documentiation of this state as well. I found this great deal on a hotel last weekend. 2 people, 2 nights, and 2 full breakfasts for a 129 bucks at a hotel right on the ocean at Belfast Bay. Called a friend and off we went. We hit J Bucks grave site, Fort Knox and some other spots. More to come in the next few days. Thw weather was in the high 40,s. I had the balcony door open most of the time we we're at the hotel just to get the's been winter to long..let me out!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Evening Folks
Its around 9 pm my time. Starting on the forth of Feb I have been on vacation, not going back to work until the 15th. I had plans to do "stuff", however, hibernation set in. I have been out of the house once and that was to much. Tony is off with Chuck and he didn't leave enough dog food for 2 weeks. While I was out I went to Sears and bought a camcorder..not sure why but it will come in handy when Maine thaws out and I can start taking road trips again.
I honestly cannot remember the last time I spent a block of time doing nothing. My last few vacations I went out of state and spent much of my time doing stuff, which was great, just what I needed at the time. I thought I was going to this time but it ain't gonna happen. New York was a plan..nope. Boston was a plan..nope. Taking the train from Portland to DC was a tentative plan..real glad I did not do that.
I have enough food to last till friday or sat without getting boring. 2 more books to read and a bunch of dvd's to watch..then there is Netflix streaming...I'm good.
I do believe I have turned from a bear to a slug...and loving every minute of it.
On the embarassing side I have to go the dishes soon or revert to paper plates. One clean coffe mug left..I knew 6 was not enough. But I have very little laundry to do. Oh well, that's my dirty little secret.

Ya'll that have lives..enjoy, I am crawling back into my office with a bag of chips and some salsa with a couple of cold beers and watch a movie..or two..or three.
Take care Of Yourself and Those You Love