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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weird Dale Trivia

I own, and these are close aproximations....4000 albums, 2500 books, 800 cd's and a 13 inch television...but it is color!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Odd News

Having been born and brought up till my mid teens in Maine I am used to a certain way of life and a certain way of doing things. As a collective group...think Borg, this seems to be a pattern here, we are resourceful, fiercely independent, fairly nosy but tend to mind our own business. We take pride in helping others, an example I think I have used before is we have huge number or senior citizens here yet very few are in rest takes care of family.
I am amazed at the fact that 5 of the 6 New England states have approved and voted on and signed into effect a gay marriage bill. Although I see no reason for it I guess its kinda cool being ahead of the curve. Its my opinion that a strong well written will is enough to keep most families at bay in the event of a death. I have mine set up so that in the event of my death all are provided for, but Tony gets the bulk of my estate and my half of the house. Now the clincher, and my lawyer suggested this, is that if anyone in my will decides to challenges it, he or she will be dropped from receiving anything should they lose the challenge. He has used it several hundred times in his career as an lawyer and to his knowledge it has never been challenged in court. I guess greed is a great motivator.

I stll just don't see the need for this. If you want to get married I am glad I live in a state where you can, but it just seemes kinda stupid to me. If you have something to say please do it here, there is no sense in sending an email to my email account because, more than likely if its got a good point or its truly obnoxious I'm just going to print it here.

Oh well, this tired old gay republication is going to drag his ass to bed.