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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starting a new Christmas tradition..this on my blog

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The World At large

I rarely watch tv. There are a few shows I tivo but thats about it. I also don't read papers like I used to. I get my news from conversations at work and online at MSNBC on my breaks or between placing orders. I knew my 403 took a hit, prob a big one but did not actually check it, there was nothing I could do about it.
I had an unexpected day off so I spent it catching up and discovered something odd.
I live in a small town in a sparsely settled state. Its predominately Catholic by religion and french by race and culture. Democratic and religious, odd bedfellows them two. However it is one of the few states that has statewide gay rights, low teenage pregnancy rates and is about average for obesity and smoking. Highest rate of people that own homes versus rent. We have a large KKK population and low hate crine rates. The Christian Coalition has a strong foothold here, but people here are fiercely opinionated and most insist on your/their right to live and let live. I found out that both places I work have small "minority work forces" yet compared to the local population they are have more that their "quota". We have more laws protecting seniors than most states, yet most seniors live with their families than in facilities. A full one third of people here go to bingo/beano but hate the idea of a casino opening here, go figure. The northern part of my state want to separate and form their own state..not sure how that will work our,,I am kinda in the middle.
We are an incedible poor state financially....a recent comparison for my job was 3 to 4 dollars less an hour for a sous-chef position in most of the rest of the country. Since we have not had a lot of money I am not sure how the recession is going to hit us. I am sure liking being able to buy gas for 1.69 and fuel oil for 2.20 though. As far as I can tell my job is somewhat insulated from change but that can be disrupted over night,
What I am getting to is, life around here is pretty much business as usual. I have talked to people in NYC and Denver...both seem to be taking big hits financially, but because we never had those kinds of jobs here. All seems to be ok so far.