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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More on Herbie

Morning Folks
On yahoo there is a video and slideshow of Herbie's demise. It's kinda sad to watch but amazing at the same time. The trunk alone weighed in at 10 big that when it fell it shook the ground nearby.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

YouTube Funnies


For a lot of years of my life, my idea of a great night was to spend a few hours at a dance club..we called them disco's back then. Sparks in Seattle, Broadway in Denver, Ice palace and the Monster on Fire Island, Mad Jacks in Key West, 12 West..Crisco Disco..the Anvil..The CockRing in Manhattan and many more. These songs from YouTube never fail to make me smile. It's like looking up and seeing an old friend walk in the door. Most of my friends back then went to sex bars and called me crazy...I am still dancing, their not. You would find me in old faded 501's, a black tee shirt engineer boots, leather jacket and a ball cap, with a tambourine hung over my shoulder.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Lost Herbie

In Yammouth Maine there lived a tree named Herbie. Estimated to be from 212 to 240 years old, he lives no more. There were hundreds of Dutch Elm trees in the area till the 50's when Elm disease started ravaging them. The town decided to concentrate on saving one of the biggest..he became Herbie. On my trek to the Desert Of Maine last year I actually stopped and took a couple pics of the old fella..not sure where they are filed so it may be a while till I find them. I found one online and there are some YouTube vids but for some reason they will not upload here. He stood a little over 110 feet tall, weighted in at about 8 tons. 20 feet kinda tree. When you stop and think of the things he has "seen" in that time is amazing. The Revolutionary War, from horse and buggy to 300 horsepower cars. From dark and to bed at sunset, to gas lamps, to a town that is never truly dark due to streetlights and night owls.
Makes you feel kinda young, does it not?
Take Care Of Yourself And Those You Love
Jan 20th, 2010

I just Googled the average height of a "story" of a house..the average is 11 feet.
1 story 11 feet, 2 story 22 feet, 10 story..110 feet. Next time you drive past a 10 story building think of Herbie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Snow And More Snow

Evening Folks
It's been snowing since last Thursday morning. It started then at about 8 AM with freezing rain and switched over around noon. I haven't heard a car go past my house in about 6 hours now. My roommate is stuck out in the boonies where he went for a New Years Eve party. The guy that takes care of my driveway says as soon as it stops I am the first person he will clear out..he lives next door so that helps. I have not left the house since wed after work, am out of soda and munchies. It's either bake cookies or go without. I must say I picked a hell of a weekend to take off from work. Well, on a positive note the house is REALLY clean. If I could get to the garage to get to my car I would take some pics of this, but, since it's drifted about 4 feet high...the house and garage are an ell shape so the wind just packs it in..that ain't happening. I keep my camera in the car so I can take pics when I see them..handy up till now. Well I see a pumpkin/butterscotch cake in my future. As soon as I can get out there I will take some pics to post here. Y'all stay warm.