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Sunday, December 30, 2007

YouTube Goodies

I was rambling around YouTube and stumbled across this...and thought I would share, Its not for everyone but it worked for

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Evening Folks
All in all its been a good year. Those of you that know me, know what my life is like...anyone else that wants to find out ask!!
I hope you all had a good Christmas, took care good care of your families...both biological and the ones we create with our friends. Take the time to be the person your profile says and be the person your dog thinks you are...old saying but ohh so true. I am leaving you with a picture a friend sent me. I have it on the bulletin board at all 3 jobs and everyone gets a kick out of it.
Happy Trails

Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16th again

December 16th

Where to start folks, where to start. Things are finally slowing down a bit. I bought a house back in Feb. Due to the outlay of money I have been working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs, upwards of 60 hours a week to catch up and build up a nest egg again. I am down to about 45 hours now and will take time to post more often and update with some winter pictures from here in Maine.
I was also dealing with a condition known as chronic hives and was on a bunch of different medications from my Dr till we found one that seems to work. Allegra made me stupid and put 20 pounds on my already "not to slim to start with" frame. Next Fexofenadine made me grouchy and I broke out worse. Then we tried Famotidine...aka Pepsid in industrial doses...that made me break out and gave me zits, I mean c'mon people, 53 is just to old to have zits on your nose and chin. The old stand by of Benadryl works just fine as long as you can lay down and read the same page over and over. I am now on something called Doxepin at a very low dosage. Funny story here folks, the pharmacy I have gone to for 10 or so years refused to fill it. It seems it is an anti-depressant and they did not think it would work. The called my Drs office and he got cranky with them so they gave me an experimenal batch of 10 days and low and behold they had to eat their words. The dose for an anti-depressant is 15 times higher than I take and seems to be working just great. I have been tested for all kinds of stuff by a dermatologist and allergist and they can find nothing.
Since I last posted a lot has changed at this site and I have to figure out how a lot of it works. I am going to post this and do the pictures I have seperately. Mick and Rick, I may need help figuring this out.