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Friday, May 8, 2009

Gay marriage and WHY???????????

This is going to piss off a few people and to bad. As a collective group, why in hell would we want to join the ranks of married hetrosexual people? If you showed me a system that worked I would agree but cmon, according to one site I looked at 65 percent of straight marraiges end within 5 years. I agree with tax breaks and other benefits that are provided by couples should be extended to gay couples but I don't want to be "married". We should be able to, and again this the collective gay community...think BORG..come up with a plan that gives us the same basic rights but is more productive and works for us as a group. Most gay people pride themselves as being different and I have heard the phrase a lot and often as us being the chosen. WE CAN DO BETTER THAN TRYING TO MIMIC A SINKING SHIP. Its not easy being gay, harder being an openly gay republican and now you want me to tie the knot? Whats going to be next. I can see it now, live on LOGO "Gay Divorce Court" with judge RuPaul and Ellen prosiding. I mean most gay men bring a U-Haul on their second date..I can see it now. This is 23rd husband.
Sorry Tony and Rick but you pushed me into this tirade.

6 states in 2 days

I recently got another car. It's bigger and much more comfortable than my ZX2 or the LeBaron and much more comfortable for trips. It was rare time when everything was calm so I decided to take a quick roadtrip. I was originally going to go to CT and drive back..about a 10 hour round trip to get a steamed cheeseburger at Teds in Meriden.
Well that changed as soon as I got on the road. It was tuesday morning as I left Augusta and headed south. The car first took me to Brattleboro VT. Nice town, looked up an old friend, when you chek this out, thanks Adam. There are a lot of old hippies here..their term..and some incredible bakeries and small town craft shops. Side note here..the beginning of May is way to early to skinny dip in a Vermont quarry. Went from there to Springfield Mass, the only person I knew there was gone..imcluding her house, Target strikes again. Went from there south to Meriden, just outside of Hartford and got that steamed cheeseburger. If your curious check out thier website..Teds Resaurant. I have been going to this place for 35 years and had no idea they were famous. Went to pay my respects at a grave site and went to New London Ct from there. Across the bridge from NL is Mystic Ct and Mystic Seaport. I was going to stop and hang awhile but it was to early in the season and they were closed. Headed from there to Rhode Island. Its a amll state with the worst drivers in the country. Stopped and had some killer clam chowder and a lobster roll for supper. It was motel and sleep time.
Wednesday morn I got up and headed into Boston. When I left Boston they were just starting the "big dig" and its pretty much done now. Holy shit, that new tunnel is amazing. Its seems about a mile long on a twisting and banked course. The lighting is yellow so everything seems sort of surreal. Exits from both sides, a posted speed limit of 35/45 and people doing 70 and up all the way through. I had the sunroof open so it was a blast of noise and exhaust smoke and I could not take my hands of the wheel to close it..what a rush that was. Then you come out of tunnel to the spires of the new bridge, it's like changing centuries in a heartbeat. From there north to New Hampshire and lunch..sorry to say it was McD's. Left there and stopped at Ogunquit..Maines own little gay getaway. It was pretty quiet but I had a great meal and walked on the beach a little bit. From there a short trip to Old Orchard Beach. Nice quiet time walking on the beach..some great french fries and I won 200 bucks on a scratch ticket I bought on a fluke when I stopped to buy gas. 15 miles from home and I stopped and got a hotel for the night..not sure why it just seemed right.
I put 1000 miles on the car, had a couple of great meals and got some nostalgia time in. All in all it was a great time and at the end itturned out free because of the lottery win. It was the first time I have been out of maine in about 2 years because of various complications, and it was a great time.