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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No longer the ugliest house on the block.

I found out that I like to shingle...suprise that...and I am dam good at it. Being a perfectionist has advantages at times. I did most of the work myself with one of the new "date guys" helping out. He seems to be pretty cool and a good work ethic...he may turn into a keeper over time. I still have the trim work to finish on the porch and that will take hours. I know own a bigger compressor, paint sprayer and an array of nail guns. All sorts on new toys are now in my garage. No Corvette yet though...the house cost to much. Cedar shingles are expensive!
Take care of youself and those you love.


MICK said...

Hello Dale!! Glad to see you are well and busy. Same here. I have been slacking off on blog posts as well. I haven't even taken as many NM trips this year as I have in the past. Something called 'life' I suppose.

You will have to fill me on on your 'date' guy.

Best to you buddy.

Vic Mansfield said...

Wow! What a busy summer you've had. Glad things are going well. I've not been posting or reading much myself. It's been a busy time! House looks great!
Dates are good. I'm trying myself.
Cheers, friend.

Anonymous said...

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